NEPCON China 2021 Highlights

21st ~ 23rd Apr, 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre

As a premier showcase event for the electronics manufacturing industry dedicated to PCBA fabrication, NEPCON China has come a long way in the past thirty years. The upcoming event will expect to break new grounds with the breadth and depth and highlight features in 2021. During the show, around 700 globally leading suppliers for the electronics manufacturing industry will descend upon Shanghai, bringing with them exhibits covering PCBA fabrication, specialised equipment for 3C automation, and technical solutions. 

▶ Highlight 1: The “One-and-Only” Trade Show to Feature the Largest Line-up of “SMT Contingent” Bringing Out New Innovations Every Year!

NEPCON China 2021 will highlight exclusive unveiling of the latest ASM equipments by leading industry firms from home and abroad, including ASM Assembly Systems, PANASONIC, FUJI, HANWHA, JUKI Corporation, YAMAHA, FAROAD, Mycronic, Europlacer, Universal Instruments Corporation, K&S and other brands.

▶ Highlight 2: Strategic Alliance with IOTE China 2021, Achieving Resources Sharing with the IoT Industry!

Boosted by the knock-on effects of 5G technology and “new infrastructures”, IoT is entering an all-new phase in its development. The latter is intricately linked with electronics manufacturing in many important ways. Concurrently staging the two shows will boast a much bigger line-up of exhibitors and a larger number of visitors, bringing under one roof expanded coverage for the fastest developing fields including IOT perception layer - MEMS, RFID, smart card, sensors, barcode, biometrics, video recognition; network transport layer - NB-IoT, LoRa, 2G/3G/4G/5G, eSIM, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPRS, WIFI, UWB, Z-wave; computation and platform layer - cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platform, big data & data security, artificial intelligence; as well as the application layer - real-time precision positioning, smart retail, unmanned retail, industry 4.0, intelligent logistics system (ILS), smart city, and smart home.

▶ Highlight 3: An Annual Festive of Inspiration for the Industry - NEPCON Summit: “Meeting of Great Minds in Electronics Manufacturing”

As a highlight activity oriented for high-level personnel in the electronics manufacturing industry, numerous industry KOLs, senior executives, and technical leaders will be invited to make presentations in this summit and conduct exchange and interaction with the audience, allowing the show participants to expand their network of industry contacts in a face-to-face manner whilst getting fully conversant with the latest industry news and technological development trends. This summit will undoubtedly be bringing to the industry an ever expanding medley of new inspirations and insights!

▶ Highlight 4: EMS Award & NEPCON Prize for Electronics Manufacturing

The goal is to inject impetus into technological innovation, improving fabrication process and boosting service quality in the electronics manufacturing industry. This is also an annual climax during NEPCON to honour and reward leading firms and personnel who made outstanding contributions to the industry by constantly pioneering innovation or developing new technologies in the fields of R&D, fabrication processing, manufacturing, and service.