April 22-24, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Group Visit

Group visitors enjoy preferential support services

● Arranged free transportation by car and receive people on site

●Receive the group badge directly on site, eliminating the registration procedure

●Customized and exclusive visiting route to improve the efficiency of the exhibition

●Exclusive access to the show, no need to queue

●Group nominees will receive a gift

●On-site group photo-taking

●Value-added business matching service

●Priority booking for concurrent events

Customized service plan for group visit

Plan 1: For groups of 20 or more visitors

●Free shuttle bus arrangement

●On-site reception

●Express entry badge before the show 

●Other value-added services

Plan 2: For groups of less than 20 people and more than 10 people

●Arrange carpooling with neighboring companies and free transportation

●On-site reception

●Express entry badge before the show 

●Other value-added services

Latest Large Enterprises Group Visitors List

Zhonglei Electronics (Suzhou) Co.

The Fiftieth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

The Seventh Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. 

Ingenda Technology Co.

Inventec (Shanghai) Technology Co.

Yangli Electronics (Suzhou) Co.

Yaxu Electronic Technology (Jiangsu) Co. 

Xinyue Instrument Factory

Xinxing Tongtai Technology (Kunshan) Co.

Wujiang Huafeng Electronic Technology Co.

Wintel Communication Co. 

Wistron (Kunshan) Co.

Ningbo Puri Junsheng Automotive Electronics Co.

Meishuo Computer (Suzhou) Co.

Dragon Optoelectronics Co. 

Kunshan Yanghao Optoelectronics Co.

Kunshan Foxconn Technology Group

Kunshan Foxconn (Denshihua Plant)

Essence Electronics (Suzhou) Co. 

Darco Electronics (Shanghai) Co.

Changzhou Starlight Co.

Ottoliv (China) Electronics Co.


Flextronics Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Co.

Flextronics Electronics (Suzhou) Co.

Micromax Electronics (Kunshan) Co.

Tianhong (Suzhou) Technology Co. 

Tianhe Auto Parts (Shanghai) Co.

Taicang City Tongwei Electronics Co.

Delta Electronics (Jiangsu) Co.

Suzhou Matsushita Production Technology Co. 

Suzhou Yidelong Electric Co.

Suzhou Lihua Technology Co.

Suzhou Jiashida Dentsu Co.

Matsushita Electric (China) Co. 

Sihai Electronics (Kunshan) Co.

Nanjing Electronics Technology Research Institute

Jabil Electronics (Wuxi) Co.

Huanxu Electronics Co. 

Huali Technology Co.

Haitai Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co.

Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City (QSMC)

Eastern Communication Co. 

Chanso Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Changshuo Technology (Shanghai) Co.

UTStarcom Communications Co.


Spitex Electronics (Jiaxing) Co.

Shishuo Electronics (Kunshan) Co.

Sensecom Computer (Kunshan) Co.

Shanghai Zhonglin Electronic Enterprise Co. 

Shanghai Railway Communication Co.

Shanghai Saibo Electric Co.

Shanghai Ricoh Office Equipment Co.

Shanghai Jabil Technology Co. 

Shanghai Cambridge Technology Co.

Shanghai Fusion Data Communication Technology Co.

Shanghai Ericsson Electronics Co.

Samsung Electronics (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co. 

SAILF Electronics Co.

Keeja Communications (Kunshan) Co.

Foxconn Koki Electronics (Shanghai) Co.

Fuyang Electronics (Suzhou) 

Fotailon Automotive Electronics Technology Co.

Fiberhome Communication Technology Co.

Feixu Electronic Technology Co.

Dalyan (Optoelectronics) Co. 

Bibi Electronics (Suzhou) Co.

Baidian Technology (Suzhou) Co.

Latest Group Visitors’ Feedback

Zheng Yongqun

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co.

“The organizer pick-up driver communicated clearly, and the vehicle reached our company in advance, picking up and dropping off in place. The exhibition site area and signs are clear and very convenient to visit. Exhibitors have complete brands and rich information about the exhibiting industry.”

Guo Wanqiang

Four Seas Electronics (Kunshan) Co.

“The on-site service staff was very enthusiastic, and the exhibitors were very professional. Compared with previous years, there are some differences, and we can see that the exhibition and the industry are constantly innovating. It is very convenient to provide online reservation service before the show, which is very good.”

Sun Yuanyuan

Asahi Electronics Technology (Jiangsu) Co.

“The NEPCON organizers provided excellent service, from making group reservations, to arranging the delivery of admission cards and vehicles, to ushering the exhibitors. The exhibitors were comprehensive, covering all aspects of electronics production and assembly, and there were many industry-leading manufacturers, bringing us new trends and directions. The booths with similar products are concentrated and easy to visit.”

Yanrong Chen

Foxconn Kunshan

“The shuttle bus/guidance to the factory was very good and the organizers were very attentive. The exhibitors covered a wide range of products, which can well meet the needs of the enterprises and the understanding of the industry's forward-looking new technology.”

Shih-Lin Hsu

ChangSuo Technology (Shanghai) Co.

“This exhibition is very comprehensive. It basically contains all the common equipment in electronics, the scale is also very large. It can provide valuable reference advice to many manufacturers and is also a very professional electronics exhibition. There are many electronic devices that we have not touched, and we hope to bring them to the actual production and inject new vitality into the electronics industry. The exhibitors are also very enthusiastic, and there will be small gifts for everyone while learning about new equipment and new processes.”

Wang Zhen

Wistron (Kunshan) Co.

“The reception of the group was well arranged, and the speed of entry was fast. Exhibitors and exhibiting products were abundant, and some manufacturers have already started to arrange contact with us (equipment). I believe there will be further development.”

Li Chaoyang

Shanghai Cambridge Technology Co.

“Thank you for organizing this professional event. The exhibits are rich in content and all are the current leading technology. The exhibits were very informative which facilitated the in-depth understanding of the products between customers and suppliers. The special lectures were also very fruitful for us.”

Yang Yongchun

Shanghai Ericsson Electronics Co.

“The group reservation and confirmation were smooth and thoughtful, and the visit documents were prepared in advance, and the service was very good. In addition, the vehicle arrangement was smooth and efficient, the vehicle arrived on time and in good condition on the same day, and the reception arrangement after arrival was very satisfactory.”

Jerry Zhang

Flextronics Electronics (Suzhou) Co.

“The shuttle bus arrived at our company on time, and the service of the organizer was very good. There was a special person to provide entrance service when we arrived at the show. The security personnel in the exhibition hall were very responsible. I am satisfied with the overall visit and hope to continue to participate next year.”

Zhu Zhi

Baidian Technology (Suzhou) Co.

“Overall satisfied with the exhibition. The organizer was well organized, especially the thematic exhibition areas were impressive. I experienced Siemens' Google eyeglasses on site, which overturned the original service concept.”

For group visitors, please contact:

For group visitors, please contact:

Name: Ms. Li Haibin

Telephone Number: 400 650 5611/010-59339137

Email Address:[email protected]

Fax Number:010 8518 8016

For more information, please contact:

Name: Ms. Sun Mei

Telephone Number: 010-5933 9358

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