April 24-26, 2024
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

About NEPCON China

NEPCON China brings together global PCBA solution providers and high-end electronics manufacturers to present the entire manufacturing process and to share supply and demand information to enable upstream and downstream business cooperation within the industry chain and to empower the industry development. 

NEPCON China is the World of SMT that gathers top electronics manufacturing buyer resources and provides accurate matchmaking services to help the global PCBA suppliers expand their business network, identify new  business opportunities, enhance brand value and build businesses in a highly efficient way.  







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Semiconductor packaging IC Packaging exhibition area

Cater to the increasing demand for "advanced packaging" from high-end electronics manufacturing companies,

Concentrated display of "SiP, 3D packaging, etc." technical solutions

Side by side with the world's leading suppliers of advanced packaging and electronics manufacturing technology

Orderly and efficient business matching and buyer tour services

Welcome to the NEPCON China. Now, be YOU.

At NEPCON China, a professional exhibition, everyone belongs. We invite well-known exhibitors in the industry as well as hold new and special activities. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated. Our exhibitors, attendees, partners and event colleagues are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who make our shows stronger and our collective experience richer.  Now, be YOU.