April 23-25, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

What is Business Matching (Exhibitor Referral)? 

·         Ensure to direct the identified right buyers to your booth or refer your business to new customers. 

·         Business Matching makes it easy for buyers to get to know you, contact you, and schedule in-show meetings with you through the exhibitor listings and links in the referral emails and the referral exhibitor listings on the WeChat registration page. 


Why Business Matching (Exhibitor Referral)?

·         Identified buyer insights from the show floor 

·         Buyers recognize the value and respond positively to the service of matching them with the right exhibitors

·         Buyers like and appreciate exhibitor referrals for providing them with the right guidance for their visit  

·         Provides buyer feedback on targeted referrals for helping them use their time at the show more effectively

·         Provides buyer feedback on the Exhibitor Referral for helping them achieve higher quality business meetings at the show 

·         Provides buyer feedback on exhibitor recommendations for helping them find and meet new exhibitors at the show 


Business matching is a win-win for everyone 

Business Matching referrals direct buyers to the right exhibitor's booth to connect with more businesses and use show time more efficiently. Business Matching does not increase costs for exhibitors or visitors but, provides more satisfaction to show customers 


How can exhibitors participate in business matching? 

·         Business Matching is a free service provided to contracted exhibitors 

·         You only need to provide complete and accurate company information and it will be included in the referral communication to the corresponding buyers 

You can use the Reed Exhibitions App to scan the visitors' badges at your booth to get their information as sales leads 

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