April 23-25, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

In order to share the intelligent enterprise dynamics during the epidemic, help enterprises to understand the relevant initiatives of enterprises in the industry in a timely manner, collaborative transfer and sharing of resources. [NEPCON CHINA] new online "EMS factory information release platform" for the industry companies to show new products, cooperation and exchange, promotion services, release information, together to meet the epidemic war victory!

Exhibitor information

Zhengzhou City Muhe Electronics Company Ltd.

Company characteristics: Established in 2009, Zhengzhou City Muhe Electronics Company Ltd is one of the early professional EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) high-tech enterprises in Henan Province, which is committed to PCBA processing and manufacturing and assembly services. Through more than ten years of continuous efforts, it has gradually developed into a modern enterprise with certain influence in the electronic manufacturing service industry in North China. We have established school-enterprise cooperation with many universities such as Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology, and Shangqiu Normal University (electronic product development and production, student teaching experiments, etc.). In the field of cooperation, we are especially good at high reliability products such as automotive electronics and high-speed railway products.

The highest processing accuracy: 0.3mm BGA chip, 0402, 0201 specifications 

Production line equipment: automatic boarding machine, GKG automatic printing machine, SPI solder paste inspection machine

Covered industries: PCBA manufacturing/assembly, finished product assembly category 

Product case: VCU (vehicle controller)

Customer: Zhengzhou Nissan, Yutong (first-class supply) BCM (body controller), customer: Huaihai Automobile (second-class supply) Tianhai Group (first-class supply) Remote control transceiver module, customer: FAW-Volkswagen (second-class supply) Carrier module, customer: State Grid (first-class supply)

Zidian Electronics (Shenzhen) Co.

Company characteristics: Founded in 1980, the U.S.-funded enterprise has a headquarters in Boston and set up a factory in Shenzhen, China in 2002, specializing in SMT chip processing, a small number of diverse PCBA solutions provider. The main industries it covers are semiconductor equipment, medical, industrial control, communications, finance, robotics, big data, etc. 

Maximum production capacity: 150,000,000 parts/month 

Maximum processing accuracy: SMT minimum device size 01005 BGA

Pitch: 0.3pitch  

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen, China

Production line equipment: 7 SMT production lines (Siemens + Global) brand placement machine 

Covered industries: semiconductor devices, medical, industrial control, communications, finance, robotics, big data, etc. 

Product cases: MKS/Myri/Kai Li/Buke, etc. 

Irrad Electronics (Dongguan) Co.

Company characteristics: Established in 1997, IRLAD International Group is a well-known European integrated service provider for electronics manufacturing. The group is headquartered in Slovenia, and has manufacturing operation centers in Dongguan, Serbia, Mexico, and other places. Two consecutive years of single-digit customer quality DPPM, 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing services, a strong R&D and engineering team, an international management team, 99.5% on-time delivery rate, global integrated production, leading equipment and automation solutions, and a perfect quality assurance system.

Industries covered: focus on the development and production of electronic control boards, intelligent controllers, lithium battery management control boards; products are mainly used in power tools, garden tools, small home appliances, automotive industry, industrial control, white goods, other

Customers: BOSCH, Miele, BSH, Husqvarna, Samsung, Panasonic, SANYO, etc. 

Zhangzhou Wanlida Technology Co. Ltd.

Company characteristics: Zhangzhou Wanlida Technology Co. Ltd. is located at Wanlida Industrial Park, Jingcheng High-tech Zone, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, which is the production base of Wanlida integrating OBM/ODM/OEM products and is a garden-style industrial park. The base was established in 1997, through the audio-visual products, intelligent control, mobile communication, intelligent education, intelligent display, and other high-end products, a number of the world's top 500 companies’ factory inspection, in-depth cooperation, so far has formed a cross-field production & quality & physical control and other aspects of scientific control system.

Maximum production capacity: 16 SMD lines, more than 20 million points/day 30 assembly lines, 1.2 million units/month

Annual production capacity: 14.4 million units 

Highest processing accuracy: device placement capacity: 01005 

Placement accuracy: ± 0.01mm 

Covered industries: audio-visual products/intelligent control/mobile communication/intelligent education/intelligent display, etc. Customers such as: Ford, KIA, KDDI, Intel, Qualcomm, ASUS, PHILIPS, LG, JBL, etc. 

Shenzhen Yingchuang Electronics Co. Ltd.

Company characteristics: Shenzhen Yingchuang Electronics Co. Ltd. (ABP) was established in 2004, focusing on PCB production, component procurement, SMT chip processing, assembly and testing. They are a national high-tech enterprise committed to providing customers with samples in small quantities of one-stop electronic manufacturing services. 

Maximum production capacity: 3 SMT production lines, 2 post-soldering production lines, daily output of 1 million points 

Highest processing accuracy: 0201 package 

Production line equipment: SM411 placement machine, SM471 placement machine, 8 temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering, Jinto wave soldering 

Covering industries: industrial control, communication electronics, automotive electronics, medical equipment, consumer electronics, security equipment, artificial intelligence, aerospace and other industries.

Customers: Da Clan Electric, Guangqi Technology, Lenovo Research Institute, Geely Automobile, Huada Gene, Nidec, etc. 

Shenzhen Zecheng Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Zecheng Electronics is the world's best integrator of customized modules based on flexible applications, and the pioneer in this niche area, and has become a qualified supplier for many Fortune 500 companies. The company has three basic businesses: smart module, electronic assembly and printed circuit board, forming a unique business layout in the industry.

Maximum capacity: 6 SMT lines and 2 wave soldering lines

Highest processing accuracy: 1005 

Geographical distribution of R&D or factories: Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Huizhou  


Industries covered: automotive electronics, medical electronics, biometrics, 5G communication, consumer electronics. Customers such as GE, DELL, BOSE, Honeywell, SHURE, Medtronic, MAGNA, etc. 

Shenzhen XingkeXun Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: 1. the company has ISO9001: 2000 quality system certificate, IATF 16949:2016 system certification 2. the factory supporting the mature MES system 

Maximum production capacity: 6 SMT production lines, 1 plug-in line, 2 assembly lines 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen 

Production line equipment: MPM, GKG, Dessen, Zhenhua Xing, Striker, FUJI, Jintuo, Nitto, Shenzhen Aisipp, Taiwan Zhen Sheng, Guangdong Aisui  

Covered industries: automotive electronics, medical devices, military, communications, industrial control, security, electric power

Shenzhen Yaxinda Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: PCBA manufacturing capacity (large, precise, super, fast)

Maximum production capacity: 5 million points per day

Highest processing accuracy: precision device specifications 01005

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen 

Production line equipment: YAMAHA, wave soldering, automatic printing machine, AOI 

Covered industries: automotive control board, rail transportation, high-speed embedded board, medical, new energy, communications, aerospace, industrial control, electric power, automation 

Shenzhen Shenbo Circuit Technology Co.

Company characteristics:  A one-stop service introduction: PCB manufacturing, SMT placement, component supply; urgent projects 6 * 24 correspondence, one-to-one service concept, in the library resistive material rich, sample resistive material quantity 1-100PCS free; have professional PM project team full process follow-up, acting as the customer's representative in the factory; high quality express: the fastest 6 hours delivery, conventional delivery 48H delivery, 3-day delivery rate up to 95%+ 

Maximum production capacity: two PCB manufacturing factories, one SMT placement assembly factory, 8 SMT production lines planning 

Highest processing accuracy: can minimum mount 03015, 01005, 0201, 0.25MMBGA 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen R & D manufacturing headquarters  

Production line equipment: automatic boarding machine, automatic solder paste printing machine

Covered industries: industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, semiconductor

Shenzhen Tiandi Tong Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Ltd. was established in 2004 and is a focus on PCBA program design and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to communications, automotive, medical devices, industrial control, consumer and other industries of high precision, high difficulty electronic products PCBA manufacturing. 

Maximum production capacity: FUJI NXT-III: 8 lines CPK ≧ 1.33, 60,000 points per hour 

Maximum processing accuracy: can paste the smallest package: 01005 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen headquarters, in Shajing, Huizhou, Zhuhai has a branch factory  

Production line equipment: High speed and high precision chip attaching machine 

Covered industries: communications, automotive, medical devices, industrial control, consumer. 

Customers: State Grid, Huawei, Jianghuai, Xinli, measurement, BMW, etc. 

Shenzhen Manlian Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Established in 1999, the company started with SMT placement, PCBA material processing, after more than 20 years of precipitation and development. The company formed a new intelligent hardware manufacturing enterprise that can provide software, hardware, cloud integration services, providing one-stop EMS electronic manufacturing services for hundreds of high-tech enterprises around the world. 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen 

Production line equipment: Yongxin on the board machine BL-250W-ST, Desen automatic screen-printing machine DSP-1008, Japan SONY high-speed placement machine SI-F130WK, Japan SONY multi-functional placement machine SI-F209, etc.

Covering industries: ICT (information and communication technology), new energy, industrial automatic Hua, automotive electronics, Internet of things 

Shenzhen Minghua Avionics Process Technology Co.

Company characteristics: Minghua Avionics is a professional for the electronics industry innovative R&D companies to provide cloud "intelligent" research services of the industrial Internet cloud platform ("Xiao Ming cloud platform"), providing comprehensive platform services including R&D solutions, R&D database resources, design consulting, R&D results transformation (logistics, process, manufacturing, quality, operation), standard output (process, process) and intelligent services (management team, process control, member customer team coaching, production facilities automation, intelligence, information technology deep transformation), to help registered customers improve product quality and R&D results transformation benefits. 

Maximum production capacity: 30 production lines 

Maximum processing accuracy: minimum imperial 01005 to maximum 45*45mm, the most precise solder ball pitch 0.30mm BGA, pin pitch minimum 0.30mm QFP, pin pitch minimum 0.50mm QFN. 

Covering industries: automotive electronics (customers such as Haima, Huabao), medical electronics (Samsung Medical, Sky), new energy (customers such as Top Sun New Energy, Topco New Energy) 

Shenzhen Heng Changsheng Technology Co.

Company characteristics: Ltd., a subsidiary of Hantec Holdings (1725.HK), was established in 2003 as a national high-tech enterprise with manufacturing base in Yingzhan Industrial Park, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China, and offices in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. We have offices in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. 

Maximum capacity: 12 SMT lines, 2 wave soldering lines, 2 selective wave soldering lines, 10 complete assembly lines 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Huizhou

Covered industries: communication equipment, new energy, GE industrial control, automotive electronics medical electronics, consumer appliances 

Shenzhen Junmei Taihe Electronics Technology Co.

Company characteristics: specializing in the design and production of flexible circuit boards and rigid-flexible boards (1-10 layers) (manufacturing and SMT) 

Maximum production capacity: the existing capacity of 15,000M2/Month can be expanded to 20,000M2/Month 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Japan 

Production line equipment: 2.5-dimensional measuring instrument, 4 terminal test machine, gold-nickel film thickness tester, metallographic microscope, LCR tester, micro-resistance tester, salt spray tester, ROHS tester, automatic vertical continuous copper plating (VCP)  

Covered industries: automotive electronics, wireless communication, smart phones, consumer electronics 

Shenzhen Ancestral Electronics Manufacturing Co.

Company characteristics: Ltd. was established in 2004 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ancestral. Since its establishment, it has obtained many international advanced management system certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949, etc. The company mainly provides the whole process of electronic products processing services to Huawei, Sony, Huichuan, Invitrogen, Blue Ocean Huateng, Laisai and other customers. We are the core preferred supplier of Huawei Energy. 

Maximum production capacity: more than 40 SMT autonomously operated production lines, more than 20 DIP production lines, more than 20 assembly lines, more than 20 coating lines 

Geographical distribution of R&D or factories: Shenzhen, Suzhou 

Covered industries: network energy (operator base station power supply, customers such as Huawei), industrial automation (customers such as INVENTEC, LISI) automotive electronics (new energy vehicle controller), enterprise network, Internet of Things (IoT), medical electronics

Shenzhen Hainengda Communication Co.

Company characteristics: Global distribution - established a global marketing and service network, with more than 100 branches around the world, and more than 4,000 distributors around the world to establish a long-term and stable partnership, products in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Smart Factory - more than 5 sampling lines, Industry 4.0 Smart Factory with Siemens, device level traceability, customized solutions.

Maximum production capacity: 32 SMT lines, 7 wave soldering lines, 3 selective soldering lines, 10 triple-proof coating lines 

Maximum processing accuracy: PCB size (50mm×50mm, 610mm×508mm); component size (008004, 03015, 01005, 0.4mm Pitch BGA, 0.185mm Pitch Flip chip) 

R&D or factory geography: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Harbin, Hebi, Spain, Germany, Batemünde, Cambridge, Canada, Toronto  

Industries covered: Communication; customers such as automotive electronics; customers such as servers, artificial intelligence 

Shanghai Ju Tran Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Ju Tran Electronics is a high-tech enterprise providing customers with professional PCB manufacturing, material procurement, PCBA one-stop rapid production and other quality services. 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shanghai, Suzhou 

Production line equipment: G5 automatic solder paste printing machine, SINIC-TEK 3D-SPI inspection equipment, SE300, Hitachi high-speed placement machine, YAMAHA YSi-V 3D-AOI inspection equipment, GEX-Ray inspection equipment, Rehm reflow soldering, JTR-1000N nitrogen reflow soldering, SMART-450 wave soldering, Nitto wave soldering, ZSW selective wave soldering, three-proof paint coating line, the United States VJ Summit 1800, milling knife type PCB depaneling machine RM-285 

Covered industries: communication networks, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, scientific research, medical, military, aerospace and other fields; customers such as Intel, HP, BYD, ZTE, East China Normal University, Honeywell, YAGEO, etc.  

Shenzhen Chengda Weiye Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Shenzhen Chengda Weiye Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic product SMT chip, DIP plug-in post-soldering assembly production service provider; intelligent electronic products, Internet of Things products hardware program supporting programmer. The company's R&D design team strength bear thick, a number of college degree more than 10 years of work experience hardware engineers, embedded hardware and software engineers, system software engineers. 

Maximum production capacity: daily processing capacity of 2 million points, daily production capacity of 200,000 pieces

The highest processing precision: minimum placement 0201 components

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen  

Production line equipment: SMT equipment, automatic printing machine 

Covered industries: smart home, Internet of things project development, smart electronic products PCBA, smart lock program PCBA, fingerprint lock program PCBA, and undertake electronic products OEM, ODM orders 

JieShi Electronic Technology Co.

Company characteristics: JieShi Electronic Technology Co. is a professional factory engaged in SMT placement, bonding, DIP plug-in and OEM generation and assembly of finished products 

Maximum production capacity: SMT production lines: 8, daily capacity of 16 million points / day. Binding production line: 12 lines, daily capacity: 4 million strips / day, according to customer orders and increase production. DIP + test line: 2 lines, according to customer orders and increase production 

Production line equipment: Koh Young SPI, Koh Young KY-8030 FOV, NXT III, NXT M6 II, Koh Young KY-8030, JUTZE-MD200, 8372cph/chip, JUTZEMI3000, COB-E101 

Covered industries: customers such as: Samsung, HP, Xiaomi, TCL, Asus, etc.  

Sanhe City Wuzi Electronic Products Co.

Company characteristics: The company's core management team has more than ten years of management experience and technical precipitation in the electronics foundry industry. The management structure of the company is perfect, especially the engineering and quality management personnel are experienced and well-equipped, which has obvious advantages compared with the industry. The qualification rate of our products has reached more than 99.6% in each year. 

Maximum production capacity: SMT placement, wave soldering. Six imported new high-speed SMT production lines, more than ten complete assembly and testing lines, two wave welding lines.

Industries covered: high frequency products (4G base stations, radar antennas, etc.), automotive electronics (ECU, car driving recorder, OBU, GPRS), medical electronics (blood glucose meter, oximeter, respirator, anesthesia machine, etc.).

Customers such as BOE, Hanergy Holdings, Datang Telecom, Jinghan Group, Tsinghua Ziguang, GKG, Han Wang, China Huada, etc.  

Jiangsu Xin'an Electric Co.

Company characteristics: Jiangsu specializes in innovative product design, new product prototyping and verification, PCB board layout, manufacturability design, system assembly and testing, and intelligent manufacturing and cutting-edge technology development. We are a global provider of integrated solutions for intelligent control. Exquisite Process: Lead-free process No-clean double-sided SMT and selective wave soldering Ultra-fine pitch 0.3mm component assembly 24-layer PCB assembly process 0.3mm pitch BGA assembly technology High-density crimping Manufacturing System: Flowline and cellular BTO (Build-to-Order) CTO (Configure) (Production) Multi-species small batch high yield

Industries covered: Smart Home, Network Communication/Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics/Railway/New Energy. Customers such as: Samsung, Heisi, Kohler, BMW, Audi, Ford, YAMAHA, Sharp, etc. Financial equipment aerospace

Jiangxi Zhiweiya Technology Co.

Company characteristics: As a national high-tech enterprise and a famous brand enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Jiweiya has more than hundreds of employees, including more than 30% of R&D technicians, and owns several inventions, utility models and other national patent technologies. With nearly 30 years of accumulation in the communications industry, Jiweiya has always been customer-oriented, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and operation and maintenance of wireless broadband application products, providing international leading wireless network products and system solutions for enterprises and smart cities. 

Maximum production capacity: SMT daily capacity (20HR calculation): 4000K points (3 lines), DIP daily capacity: 5000pcs AP (2 lines) 

Industries Covered Communication products, LTE-Fi modules, consumer electronics.

Customers: China Mobile, Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom, ZTE, at&t, etc.  

Huizhou Guanghong Technology Co.

Company characteristics: Founded in 1995, Kwong Hong Technology is an EMS company specializing in process technology development, process design, procurement management, production control, warehousing and logistics, etc. It has production bases in South China (Huizhou, Shenzhen), East China (Jiaxing) and India, providing professional electronic product customization manufacturing services for domestic and foreign well-known brand manufacturers and operators, and shipping products worldwide.

Maximum production capacity: SMT: 12 billion points / month; complete assembly: 10 million units / month 

Maximum processing accuracy: component imperial 01005, size 0.4MM*0.2MM long 

Production line equipment: FUJI NXT line body, SIEMENS line body  

Covered industries: consumer electronics, network communication, automotive electronics

Product cases: There are smart phone (5G), tablet PC (5G), notebook computer, wireless access LAN (Wi-Fi6)

Jiangmen Kernen Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Supporting the international advanced electronic product manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, mainly for Samsung, Matsushita SMD production line. The company has a first-class anti-static clean air conditioning workshop, plant area of 5000m2. the company passed the IATF16949: 2016; ISO9001: 2015; ISO14001: 2015; VDA6.3: 2016 quality management system 

Maximum production capacity: 5 SMT lines (Line5 upgrade in progress), SMT capacity 7 million pieces / day, PTH &Touch up 5 lines 

Highest processing accuracy: high-speed placement in the accuracy of ± 50µm@µ + 3σ/Chip, ± 30µm@µ + 3σ/QFP

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province  

Production line equipment: automatic solder paste screen printing machine, lead-free hot air reflow soldering, fully automatic horizontal AI plug-in machine

Customers: China Motor, JAC VW, Huating, Sena, Hangerway

Hubei Zhaoyuan Technology Co.

Company characteristics: Hubei Zhaoyuan is located in the National Innovation Demonstration Zone - China Optics Valley, the main business direction of the company is to meet the electronic assembly processing needs of customers in central China, while providing electronic product processing services (SMD, inserting, hand soldering, testing, three-proof spraying, complete assembly, aging, etc.) for domestic and foreign customers, with the service mode of incoming material processing and substitute material processing. 

Maximum production capacity: SMT electric assembly line 10, THT plug-in wave welding 2

Highest processing accuracy: 01005 device placement 

Production line equipment: automatic solder paste printing machine MPM Momentum BTB125, Jiezhi online solder paste detector (SPI), Panasonic multifunctional mounter model: AM100, Panasonic multifunctional mounter 

Huatai Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Huatai Electronics in the professional electronics foundry manufacturing services EMS, has been ranked among the world's top 50 electronic foundry manufacturing services EMS factory, High-Mix Manufacturing has a unique technical experience and global good reputation.

Maximum capacity: 39 lines

Highest processing accuracy: Large substrate assembly 610*610mm

Industry coverage:Provide customers with a complete one-stop service (Turn-key solution) 

Product cases: Class 3 military standard products, oil/gas exploration equipment/satellite; ISO 13485 medical instrumentation products; IATF 16949 automotive electronics

Guangzhou YongYunXin Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Ltd. was founded in Guangzhou in 1998 and moved to Panyu on May 1, 2009; based in Dashi and radiating to the Pearl River Delta region. 

Maximum production capacity: 9 standard production lines (respectively, plug-in, SMT, post-soldering, assembly) 

Production line equipment: Japan Fuji high-speed placement machine CP643, CP642 each two global placement machine four sets, AOI optical detector, the new ICT tester

Covered industries: processed products are LCD, VCD / DVD driver board 

Guang Shang Technology

Company characteristics: Cost efficiency and customized services as the core competitiveness, to provide unique services to meet the needs of a small number of diverse needs, to achieve high-quality, cost-effective products with absolute on-time delivery. 

Maximum production capacity: Guang Shang Division - Guangzhou; SMT production lines: 15 SMT lines 

R&D or factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Malaysia, Taiwan 

Production line equipment: placement machine / automatic placement machine - high speed machine - general purpose machine 

Industries covered: Medical electronics, consumer electronics

Dongguan Hongyi Electronic Technology Co.

Company characteristics: Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in precision electronics manufacturing, its predecessor was established in July 2000, Kam Huiyuan Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. 

Maximum production capacity: 8 SMT production lines, 6 DIP plug-in production lines, 6 post-soldering lines, 4 test lines, 1 assembly line

Production line equipment: Fully Automatic Screen Printer, SPI (in-line solder paste detector)

Covered industries: Consumer electronics, WiFi wireless communication module, Bluetooth communication module 

Product Case: Complex Mother Board Solutions 

Dongguan Lvshing Electronics Co.

Company characteristics: Our company is not only the parts placement, from the design to the product assembly can be corresponding. The head office (Midoriya Electric) is centered on Japanese electronic parts and has signed contracts with many suppliers as a special store and agent. 

Maximum production capacity: 7 SMT lines 

R&D or factory location: Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province 

Production line equipment: automatic boarding machine, automatic printing machine, printing solder paste inspection equipment 

Covered industries: OA products: copiers (MFP), HDD; car: car navigation, car audio, rearview mirror 

Hangzhou Yimei Industrial Co.

Production capacity/capacity: SMT: 5 Panasonic NPM line, 8 Samsung 471 line, daily theoretical point 40 million pieces; whole assembly camera daily output of 20,000 units; IOT module 100,000 P

Accuracy: 0.01mm, 0.28mm pitch, 0201 devices

Equipment used in production line: Panasonic npmd3. Samsung 471/481, spi, aoi, module automatic test line

Factory geographical distribution: East China, Hangzhou 

Covered industries: Security industry, Internet of things industry, cell phone industry and other electronic products

Product Case: Hikvision camera finished products, pcba veneer; Doodle intelligent IOT module, camera, veneer

Enterprise advantage: Hikang excellent supplier

Jiangxi Zhiweiya Technology Co.

Production capacity/capacity: 150000000 points/month

Accuracy: 0.01mm

Equipment used in production line: NPM, Juki

Factory geographical distribution: Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province 

Industries Covered: Wireless communication, white goods

Product Case: Mobile phone, wifi, washing machine control board

Enterprise advantage: Taiwan quality control system

Shenzhen Ankex Electronic Manufacturing Co.

Production capacity, capacity: with SMT high-speed line body more than 40, PCBA and the whole machine annual capacity of 10 million PCS

Accuracy: SMD accuracy: ± 0.01MM

Equipment used in the production line: Panasonic, Yamaha, Siemens, etc.

Factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen, Suzhou 

Covered industries, product cases: network energy, industrial automation, intelligent security field

Dongguan Gaotuo Electronic Technology Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: monthly production of 400,000 pieces, daily capacity of 15,000 pieces

Precision: minimum placement material 1005 (0201), BGA0.3mm Pitch

Equipment used in the production line: YAMAHA chip machine

Factory geographical distribution: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province 

Covered industries/ product cases: BMS system board, unmanned control

Qilong Electronics Manufacturing (Ningbo) Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: SMT/THT/BOX BUILT/TEST

Equipment used in production line: SMT/WAVE/SELECTIVE/ICT/FT/BURN-IN

Factory distribution: Europe/USA/China

Industries covered/ product cases: industrial/medical/military/communications/maritime/automotive/railway 

Norautron Suzhou Co., Ltd

Production capacity/ capacity: 4 SMT Lines, 4 Selective lines, 2 Wave lines

Accuracy: 01005

Equipment used in production line: Siplace placer

Factory Location: Suzhou 

Covered industries/ product cases: Marine/Industry/Medical

Guangzhou Petter Electronic Technology Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: SMT / 2.5 million pieces per day, plug-in 500,000 pieces

Accuracy: 0201 package or more, BGA package 0.4mm center pitch

Equipment used in production line: SM421/SM482/SM471/SM481

Geographical distribution of factory: Guangzhou area 

Covered industries/ product cases: industrial control, communication products, Internet of Things products, automotive electronics, medical products

Shenzhen Manlian Electronics Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: PCBA: annual capacity: 1 million pieces, the whole assembly: 800,000 units

Precision: SMD:0201

Equipment used in the production line: SMD machine: SONY

Factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen Baoan 

Covered industries/ product cases: network energy, industrial automation, intelligent security field

Shenzhen Yaxinda Electronics Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: PCBA one-stop manufacturing services

Equipment used in the production line: PCB multilayer HDI full process equipment, SMT, DIP, X-RAY full process equipment

Factory geographical distribution: Shenzhen

Covered industries/ product cases: industrial control, medical, automotive, communications, etc. 

Zhengzhou Muhe Electronic Products Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: five SMT production lines, five wave soldering production lines, a UV line

Accuracy: 0201

Equipment used in production lines: Panasonic CM602

Factory geographical distribution: Zhengzhou City High-tech Zone 

Covered industries/ product cases: three meters (water, electricity, gas meters), projectors, automotive, communications, etc.

Xiamen Zhihe Electronic Technology Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: 18 million pieces / day

Accuracy: minimum mounting density 0.3mm, BGA pitch 0.4mm

Equipment used in the production line: printing machine, placement machine, AOI, reflow oven, selective wave soldering furnace, automatic glue filling machine, ATE, aging box, X-ray, ICT, FCT, etc.

Geographical distribution of the factory: Xiamen, Fujian 

Covered industries/ product cases: new energy vehicles, communications, smart home, medical electronics, industrial control

Zhangzhou Wanlida Technology Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: chip 20 million points / day, assembly 1.2 million units / month

Accuracy: ± 0.01MM

Equipment used in production line: Panasonic

Factory geographical distribution: Zhangzhou, Fujian 

Covered industries/ product cases: industrial, medical, communications, pension, automotive, security

Shanghai Jieliang Electronic Technology Co.

Production capacity/ capacity: can be mounted, including 0201 SMD devices, as well as ultra-high-precision QFP, BGA and other chips with a foot pitch of 0.3mm. Undertake SMT incoming, on behalf of the material placement processing and post-soldering, testing, maintenance, assembly OEM. We have professional DIP plug-in production line with a daily plug-in capacity of 200,000 points and professionally equipped workbenches, rail cars, electrostatic board rack cars, carriers, etc.

Factory geographical distribution: Shanghai

Covered industries/ product cases: LED, smart home

Beijing Speedy Electronics Technology Co.

Equipment used in the production line: SMD machine reflow soldering

Geographical distribution of factories: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and North China

Covered industries: intelligent machines, Internet of Things, 5G

Product examples: ETC and OBD 

Hangzhou Ruiyan Electronic Technology Co.

Production capacity/capacity: monthly production capacity of more than 80 million Chips

Factory Geographical Distribution: Hangzhou City

Enterprise advantage: for ROHS products processing, 0201Chip, BGA, CSP, BCC and other special devices have many years of scale production and mature experience


Company characteristics: 3CEMS has been committed to play a trusted electronics manufacturing service provider. After 26 years of experience in global electronics manufacturing foundry services, the group has gained an annual revenue of up to 600 million U.S. dollars and continues to strive to become the leading EMS Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

Sanshi is committed to provide one-stop electronic manufacturing services to our partners. Sanshi aims to provide its partners with a full range of electronic manufacturing solutions from printed circuit board, OEM material, supply chain management, PCBA, complete assembly, and system assembly/integration services, and specializes in the manufacturing and production of consumer electronics, communication electronics, medical electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and marine-related electronics. At present, the group's service partners in North America, Europe and Asia well-known first-class brand group enterprises.

The maximum production capacity is modified as follows: production lines, 15 SMT, 8 assembly lines, 11 MI lines

SMT capacity: 1.35kkk/month 

Assembly capacity: 240k/month

MI capacity: 1080k/month

Covered industries: automotive, industrial, communications, maritime, medical, consumer electronics, optical communications electronics manufacturing, SMD machine / automatic placement machine, high-speed machine, general-purpose machine, solid crystal machine / soldering line machine, bottom filling dispensing machine, back soldering furnace, solder paste machine, dividing machine, dispensing machine, ultrasonic fusion / pressing together machine, PCB appearance inspection machine, solder paste thickness test machine, 3D SPI / AOI / ICT / X-ray, FAI first sample inspection machine, flying probe test, boundary scan, burn-in room, salt spray test machine, programmable constant temperature and humidity machine, vibration test, hot and cold shock test, drop test, electrostatic test, slicing experiment, dyeing experiment.

Exhibit Value

► For the first time, three exhibitions—NEPCON CHINA, S-FACTORY and AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA will be held at the same time to heavily influence the industry

► A total of 10,000+ well-known ODM (electronic product designer), OBM (electronic product brand) will be present for major EMS brand exposure, and comprehensive promotion of EMS enterprise brand image

► Through the exhibition, business matching, business tour and online promotion, and other integrated marketing programs will be done to achieve the precise matching of new and old EMS business

► The exhibition will showcase same period for the electronics industry end-use - NEPCON Summit Forum covers, 5G, IoT, automotive electronics, cell phones, intelligent manufacturing, communications and other industries to gather industry elites and capture new perspectives on the market 

Exhibitors Range

 OEM - original equipment manufacturers

 ODM - original design manufacturer

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