April 24-26, 2024
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Exhibition Highlights

NEPCON China 2024

April 24-26, 2024 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

NEPCON China 2024 presents a one-stop show that integrates advanced packaging and testing technologies with the latest PCBA technology trends and the innovative concept of "Smart Manufacturing with Chips". The exhibition will bring together 600 brands and companies to showcase the world's debut of PCBA products, including Surface Mount (SMT), Smart Factory and Automation Technology, dispensing and coating, testing and measurement, semiconductor packaging and testing, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), electronic components and other exhibition areas.

▶ Highlight 1: NEPCON enters the field of semiconductor packaging and testing through its IC Packaging sub-exhibition of NEPCON CHINA.

 IC Packaging Equipment Exhibition will be launched within the show and presented with the Semiconductor Industry Conference and OSAT Buyer Group. One of the conferences will include popular topics such as packaging and testing equipment, third-generation semiconductor materials, and power semiconductors. EMS and OSAT will share insights on the trend of "advance packaging" and pave the way for the future development through NEPCON China.

▶ Highlight 2: Exclusive annually launched presentation of new SMT products, including the super "surface mount" lineup

NEPCON China 2023 will exclusively present the ‘surface mount device’ equipment of leading international companies such as Panasonic, ASM Assembly Systems, FUJI, HANWHA, TOKYO JUKI Heavy Machinery, YAMAHA MOTOR, LURUN, Mycronic, and other brands. The organizer will officially announce the annual debut of new products in April 2022!


▶ Highlight 3: Vivid interpretation of SiP and advanced packaging from the EMS industry perspective, showcasing leading technology

 With the advent of the IoT, SiP (System in Packaging) technology is gaining more attention as the world's terminal electronic products are gradually moving towards multi-functional integration and low-power design. NEPCON China will unite China's Top 10 OSAT companies with the world's leading packaging and testing equipment suppliers, showcase design and test solutions, advanced materials and interconnect technologies, heterogeneous integration solutions, and future development trends regarding this trend.

▶ Highlight 4: Face to face with hundreds of authorized agents and traders of electronic components with the best allocation and ultra-low prices.

 NEPCON China 2023 continues to expand! We cooperate with well-known component trade platforms to build a specialized business platform for authorized agents, traders and electronic product manufacturers to directly connect. Electronic product manufacturers can establish contact with 100 electronic component suppliers at a time. The exhibition area will provide more component models to choose from, expand procurement sources, and provide quality assurance services.

▶ Highlight 5: EMS Award and NEPCON Electronics Manufacturing Award

 The purpose of the award is to promote the development of innovative technologies, enhance manufacturing processes, and improve service capabilities in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry. NEPCON recognizes and inspires industry leaders who have continued to pioneer innovation and develop advanced technologies in the fields of electronics manufacturing R&D, production, manufacturing, and services, as well as individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry.

▶ Highlight 6: EMS Day— the festival for electronics manufacturing service people

 Every year, more than 40% of the visitors to NEPCON are EMS (electronics manufacturing service) companies, and the show continues to focus on the real needs of EMS electronics manufacturing service companies. Since 2021, the second day of the show has been designated as "EMS Day", which will become a festival for EMS industry professionals. It will be a day full of activities for EMS people to learn, socialize, explore and communicate.