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EMS Award

NEPCON Electronic Manufacturing Industry Award

In the era full of barriers and opportunities given by the New Crown epidemic, many Electronic Manufacturing Services ("EMS") companies have shown stronger rebound and vitality. According to New Venture Research, the global EMS market is expected to grow steadily in the next two years, reaching $6,748 billion in 2022.

As a platform for EMS industry development, NEPCON 2022 will hold the first EMS Award (NEPCON Electronics Manufacturing Award) together with professional associations and authoritative organizations to provide EMS companies and related practitioners motivation and incentives to stimulate industry initiative and creativity and to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Tribute to industry stars and role models

The first EMS Award benchmarks industry stars and the influence of role models, which is the greatest recognition of EMS advanced enterprises and individuals for their dedicated work in the past year, as well as a multi-dimensional transmission of corporate brand attitude and spirit.

Focusing on brand upgrade and promoting industry development

This year's EMS Award will also promote mutual learning and communication among EMS companies, create brand upgrades through phenomenal honors, and foster good reputation.

Reshaping business value with unlimited business opportunities

Throughout the EMS Award, the strength, market positioning, and unique competitiveness of the participating companies are focused and magnified by the industry. The visibility of the participating companies is increased to an unprecedented level, which enables them to be easily discovered and recognized by the downstream electronic product terminal enterprises and the immeasurable business opportunities behind them.

About the Award

Why should I participate in EMS Award?

The EMS Award is co-sponsored by industry associations and other authoritative organizations, along with Reed Exhibitions.

★ Judged by experts in the electronics manufacturing industry and the general public—both authoritative and professional! Thousands of opportunities for in-depth brand exposure with no threshold and zero cost of entry!

★ Zero distance to the terminal brand to capture potential business opportunities!

Organization: NEPCON Organizer

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions

Supported by:

SMTA China

China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Alliance

Tianjin Electronics Society SMT/MPT Professional Committee 

Intelligent Manufacturing Committee of Beijing Electronics Society

Jiangsu Electronic Assembly Automation Committee

SMT/MPT Committee of Shanghai Electronics Society

Shandong Electronics Society Electronic Manufacturing Technology Professional Committee 

Wuhan Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Association

Shenzhen Robotics Association

China Technology Automation Alliance

Supporting media (part): SMT China Surface Assembly Technology (M please underline), SMT Professional Network, China Surface Mount Technology, SMT Industry 4.0, SMTHOME, PCB007 China Online Magazine, Ronger, Zhongzhi.com, 114IC Electronics Network, Bodo's Power System, Electronic Transformer Information Network


EMS Award (NEPCON Electronics Manufacturing Award) aims to promote the development of innovative technologies, enhance manufacturing processes and improve service capabilities in the electronics manufacturing industry. It is an annual event organized by NEPCON to recognize and motivate industry leaders who have continuously pioneered and developed advanced technologies in the fields of electronics manufacturing R&D, production, manufacturing and services, as well as individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry.

Selection Target


EMS enterprises and related individuals

*EMS companies are manufacturing companies that provide partial design, procurement, production OEM and logistics services for the processing and production of electronic components or terminal electronic products for downstream brand customers in the electronics manufacturing industry, whose core manufacturing processes include but are not limited to PCBA process, post-PCBA finished product assembly and testing process.

About the evaluation

After submitting the application, the organizer will uphold the principle of justice, fairness and openness, and invite expert advisory committee members to form a jury to score all participating companies and individuals one by one based on the submitted materials and announce the process of participation in real time!


Jury: China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Alliance, Tianjin Electronics Society SMT/MPT Professional Committee, Beijing Electronics Society Intelligent Manufacturing Committee, Jiangsu Electronics Assembly Automation Committee, Shanghai Electronics Society SMT/MPT Professional Committee, Shandong Electronics Society Electronic Manufacturing Technology Professional Committee, Wuhan Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Association, Shenzhen Robotics Association, China Science and Technology Automation Alliance, SMTA China and other organizations such as the secretary-general, chairman and other institutional representatives and industry public judges.

EMS Award Enterprise Award

2022 Manufacturing Excellence Award for Electronic Manufacturing Service Enterprises

*Only for enterprises with total business revenue of 1 billion (RMB) or more in 2022


2022 Electronic Manufacturing Service Enterprise Speedy Service Award

2022 Electronic Manufacturing Service Enterprise Innovation Breakthrough Award

2022 Smart Manufacturing Award for Electronic Manufacturing Service Enterprises

2022 Best Employer Award for Electronic Manufacturing Service Enterprises 

2022 Best Enterprise Popularity Award in Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry


EMS Award Individual Award

2022 Best Manager Award in Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry 

2022 Production Technology Expert Award in Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry

2022 Special Tribute Person Award in Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry

2022 Best Individual Popularity Award in Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry


Scoring criteria details

  1. This award will invite expert judges to select the finalist cases for this award.

  1. The result of each case will be based on the comprehensive evaluation of the jury.

  1. The jury shall adhere to the criteria of fairness, openness and professionalism in the evaluation of the finalists' works. 

  1. The scoring criteria shall consist of the judging content of each award.


Award descriptions

  • All participating companies and individuals will be judged for the Best Popularity Award by default. The award will be selected through online industry public judging, and one best corporate popularity award and one best individual popularity award will be selected through online voting. 

  • Each individual award, except for the Best Popularity Award, is composed of the professional rating score given by the expert jury and the popularity vote score given by the online industry public jury, with the jury score (60%) and the industry network vote (40%).

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Review process and cut-off time


 ❗ For those who apply for the competition

Be sure to pay attention to the following time cut-off points


●All materials, including supporting materials, pictures, videos, samples, etc. 

Deadline for submission: March 19, 2022  


● Review by industry expert jury

Judging deadline: April 2, 2022 


● Online Public Voting

Deadline: April 9, 2022


● Announcement of Judging Results

Date: April 19, 2022


● Award Ceremony 

Date: April 22, 2022 (at the NEPCON China 2022 EMS Award Gala Dinner)


Register Now


Step 1

Until March 19, 2022, you can send all entry materials including relevant supporting materials, pictures, videos, etc. to: 

Name: Ms. Li Binhai

Email Address: [email protected]

Telephone number: 400-650-5611


Step 2

Identify the QR code below by long pressing and fill out the information to participate in the evaluation

Step 3

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Other contact information

Name: Xu, Bruce

Telephone Number: +86-21-2231 7051

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