April 22-24, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

With the development of electronic products in the small, light, thin, short and multi-functional direction, people have increasingly high requirements for the performance and environmental protection of electronic products and the electronic products today are rapidly developing in the environmental protection, pollution-free, miniaturization, high density and high reliability directions. This development trend makes the manufacturing process requirements of electronic products continuously improve, and also poses a more severe challenge to various electronic materials that penetrate through various production processes.
NEPCON's buyers have put forward higher purchasing requirements. While ensuring smooth implementation of the manufacturing process and reliable product quality, electronic materials need to be efficient, safe, low-cost and environmentally friendly. NEPCON has set up the ad hoc Electronic Materials Pavilion to meet the purchasing needs of this group of buyers.

Scope of Exhibits

Solder materials: Solder tin wire, solder tin strip, solder tin paste, solder tin ball and flux

Adhesives: SMT patch red glue, LED patch silica gel, UV glue, AB glue, cofferdam filler glue, underfill glue, sealant, conductive silver glue, potting silica gel, electronic tape, etc.

Cleaning material: Cleaning agent

Electronic metal materials: Precious metal materials, refractory metal materials, rare metal materials, etc.

Others: Three proofing paint (water, moisture and dust proof), tin slag reducing agent, antioxidant, surface treatment agent, electronic insulation materials, electronic chemical materials, etc.