April 23-25, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


Driven by “Made in China 2025”, the electronics manufacturing industry is gradually entering the era of intelligence and automation. These changes also place higher demands on welding, dispensing and spraying equipment.

NEPCON China sets up the “Soldering and Dispensing Pavilion” to gather famous companies such as BTU, Heller, ERSA, Rehm, Tamura, Electronics Soltec, Unisplendour Suneast, Nordson, JT Automation Equipment, Quick, Musashi, Anda and H&H Technology, display new equipment and new technology at site and provide buyers with more intelligent welding, dispensing and spraying technology options.


Scope of Exhibits

 Wave soldering equipment

 Reflow soldering equipment

 Tin paste/tin wire/tin bar/tin ball

 Glue (red glue/yellow glue/black glue, etc.)


 Solder tip cleaning device/solder tip

 Welding table

 Hot air welding equipment, infrared welding equipment, laser welding equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, vapor phase soldering equipment

 Welding torch

 Solder joint testing equipment, solder joint reliability test system

 De-soldering system, cleaning equipment and materials