April 19-21, 2023
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

In response to the demand for automation and digital transformation of key processes in the traditional electronic manufacturing industry and in order to promote the application of digital technology, system integration technology, and intelligent manufacturing equipment, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Electronics & Information Industry Sub-council and Reed Exhibitions will jointly launch Smart Factory & Automation Technology Expo (S-factory Expo).

S-factory Expo will be guided by market demand and strive to bridge the gap between supply and demand of enterprises, improve the intelligent manufacturing ability and level of participating enterprises in innovative forms, and promote enterprises to move towards the direction of smart factory.

S-factory Expo takes the lead in bringing together six major sectors that involve advanced technologies of “smart factory", namely machine vision, IoT & big data, industrial software, industrial robots, system integration, intelligent warehousing & logistics.

S-factory Expo will bring innovative results and technical solutions of intelligent manufacturing to consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications electronics and other electronic manufacturing enterprises, especially smart factory solutions for manufacturing processes which have been greatly concerned by the industry in 2020, such as automotive electronics, mobile phone housings, 3D glass covers, touch screens, modules.


Scope of Exhibits


Machine vision: Sensors, RFID, machine vision integration, image processing systems, smart cameras, industrial lenses, boards

IoT and big data: Industrial Internet technology, big data processing, cloud computing, AI

Industrial software: Factory integrated management software, industrial IT software, factory production software

Industrial robots: Industrial robots, service robots, robot simulation and vision systems, robot parts

System integration: Automated production integration, automation control system integration

Intelligent warehousing & logistics: Intelligent three-dimensional warehousing, AGV, internal logistics automation