NEPCON China 2020 will be a comprehensive showcase of the electronics manufacturing products, technologies and services in China and in the world. Agilent, Cyberoptics, Gallant, Henkel, Hitachi, Mirtec, Panasonic, Samsung and a host of other high profile exhibitors will launch new products and technologies at the event.

Surface Mount Technology & Equipment

Screen printers & accessories, Pick & place systems, Components feeding systems, Board handler conveyor systems, Chip carriers, Encapsulation equipment, Curing systems, Vision placement machines, Adhesives & dispensers, Chemicals

Soldering Equipment and Materials

Soldering machine – wave type, Soldering machine – reflow, Adhesives, flux, Soldering iron tip cleaners / tips, Soldering irons Soldering stations, Soldering guns, Solder joint testers, Solder ability test systems, De - soldering systems, clean equipment/Material

Test & Measurement

2-Dimensional / 3-Dimensional Inspection Systems, Bare board testers, Electronic Components Vision Inspection Equipment, Film thickness measurement equipment, In-circuit testers, AOI, Infrared Test Equipment, Lead Frame Vision Inspection Equipment, Optical microscopes, X-ray inspection equipment

Electronics Manufacturing Automation

Robotics & Motion Control Equipment, Automation Equipment & Accessory , Conveyor, Tools, Assembly Equipment & Materials etc.

ESD Equipment and Material

Surface resistance measurement equipment, Clean-rooms Wrist straps/testers of wrist straps, Antistatic stations Resistivity of electrically conductive and antistatic products Electromagnetic shielding to eliminate equipment, Drying /Aging test equipment Waste gas treatment, Water purification device, Other reliability testers

Bar Coding Equipment and Materials

Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment, RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems

Electronics Manufacturing Service

Contract manufacturing, Conventional printed circuit board assemblies, Die-cast moulds metal stamping services, Electro-mechanical assemblies services, Foam die-cutting & moulding services, OEM and computer peripherals services, Plastic & rubber moulding services, SMT board assemblies services, Tools & dies services