NEPCON Online Business Matching

What is NEPCON Online Business Matching?

The NEPCON Online Business Matching scheme is a new value-added service for exhibitors. The platform scheme offers you an access to NEPCON China visitors and as well as the full scope of their purchasing requirements. The online business matching platform also offers countless information and opportunities to meet of meeting potential partners, so as to and improve your exhibition efficiency and value.


What are the benefits of NEPCON Online Business Matching?

• Corporate an online page devoted to your company will help showcase your expertise and boost your visibility webpage brings stronger influence and higher popularity;

• Direct Meet face-to-face with meeting with VIP buyers to effectively extends your marketing channels;

• Get real-time prompt alerts about of buyer’s’ demands help, so you can you take early and informed decisions moves;

• No software installation required is necessary for the use;

• Real-time email prompts and annotated special agendas marks provide will give you personal support throughout NEPCON the show personal assistance;

• All the operations like Every action, from sending invitations and, processing refusal declines to, time scheduling changes or and monitoring meeting cancellations are very simple easy to perform;

• An interactive comment board will be activated after the exhibition, to helps you select connect with more potential clients;

• The system will develop the capacity to automatically recognize and recommend the best partner for you after a long-term use.

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