April 24-26, 2024
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

2022 Semiconductor Packaging Conference

1. Conference Background.

In the past two years, the development of China's integrated circuit industry has made significant progress to the world's attention, in a favorable industrial environment 5G, Iot, AI and other industries have ushered in the spring of rapid development, the rapid development of each industry at the same time led to the rapid growth of the electronics technology industry used behind. For this reason, we will hold the "Semiconductor Packaging Conference" at the same time as NEPCON 2022 to create technical exchange opportunities with industry colleagues for integrated circuits and third-generation semiconductor devices and to focus on the entire line of technology in the form of production lines, combined with market trends to establish an interactive platform for upstream and downstream communication.

This forum, covering the two themes of SiP and advanced packaging and third-generation semiconductor device packaging process, aims to discuss how SIP and advanced packaging and electronic micro-assembly can break through existing technologies/processes, and how to better meet the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G, AI, IoT, and develop China's "core".

2. Conference Focus

SiP and advanced packaging processes, equipment and materials for AI, 5G and IOT products

Electronic micro-assembly from SMT to semiconductor packaging

Third generation semiconductor device packaging technology and equipment

3. Conference Agenda

April 20 2022 Semiconductor Packaging Conference Keynote Forum

April 20-21 SiP and Advanced Packaging Sub-Forum

April 20-21 Third Generation Semiconductor Packaging Forum

4. Invited Participants

Packaging and testing houses.

Sun and Moon, Anpanel, Changdian, Huatian, Tomfusoft, Purple, Lixin Technology, SiP, Kyungwon Electronics, United Technology, YongSi Electronics, Wuxi China Resources Ansheng Technology Co.

IC design.

Broadcom, Qualcomm, Nvidia, MediaTek, HiSilicon, xilinx, AMD, Ziguang Zhanrui, Lian Yong Technology, Datang Semiconductor, Silan Micro, UW Semiconductors, Shenzhen Zhongxing Microelectronics Technology Company Limited, Beijing Zhongxing Microelectronics Company Limited, Suzhou Zhongsheng Hongxin, Tianjin Haiguang, Tianjin Feiteng, Zhaoxin, etc. 

EMS factories exploring advanced packaging processes.

Foxconn, Flextronics, Jabil Electronics, PEGATRON, Quanta Shanghai, Belasun Electronics (Xiamen) Co.

Semiconductor packaging and testing equipment and material suppliers.

Ltd., ASM, K&S, Disco, Suzhou Akerys, Teradyne, Corydon Xcerra, National Instruments NI, Chroma, Beijing Huafeng Measurement & Control, Precision Measurement Electronics, TRI, Hilevel, KingTiger, TEV, TELCO, Yestech, Rohde & Schwarz, etc. 

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Previous Speakers

Xu Wei

Vice Chairman of China Semiconductor Industry Association Secretary General of Shanghai IC Industry Association

Teng Ran

赛迪研究院 集成电路行业研究中心  总经理

Zhao Chenglong

MEMS process expert, Shanghai Weir Semiconductor Co.

Xie Hong

General Manager of SLI Technology Center, Tomflight Microelectronics Co.

Zhang Yifeng

Chief Executive Officer, Guangdong Liyang Chip Test Co.

Liu Hongjun

Vice President, Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co.

Chen Qinglong

Head of Division, Suzhou IST (Shanghai) Testing Technology Co.

Zhong Lei

Director of Engineering Research and Development, YongSi Electronics (Ningbo) Co.

Xie Jianyou

Chief Analyst (former Chief Scientist of SIP of Tongfu)

Ken Chiu

Vice President, Advanced Processes Business Unit, Microsystems & Modules Division, Trans-Solar Electronics Co.

Ma Qinggang

Sales Director, Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co.

Cheng Gang

Sales Director, Henkel (China) Investment Co.

Yibo Liu

Deputy Director of Marketing Strategy, Amtek Packaging & Testing (Shanghai) Co.

Song Yongqi

Deputy Director of Technology R&D Center, Nitto Smart Equipment Technology (Shenzhen) Co.


Yixhong Peng

Senior R&D Director, Ruijie Micro Technology (Group) Co.

Santosh Kumar

Chief Technical Analyst Yole Korea Principal Analyst Yole Korea

Farhang Yazdani

President and CEO BroadPak Corporatian The President and CEO of BroadPak Corporation

Qidong Wang

Senior Manager, Research and Development, WSPP Pioneer Technology Center Co.

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