April 22-24, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

What is Matchmaking (Exhibitor Recommendation)?

•       It allows confirmation that we’re sending appropriate, known target customers to your booths.

•       It recommends you/your business to new customers.

•       Matchmaking makes it easy for buyers to learn about your business, to contact, email and arrange at-show appointments with you by providing recommended exhibitor list and quick links within recommendations emails and WeChat registration pages to pre-registered visitors and onsite registered visitors. 


Why Matchmaking (Exhibitor Recommendation)?

•       At-show buyer insight has shown that

Buyers are positive about, and place value in, a program that matches them with exhibitors

Buyers like & appreciate recommendations steering them in the right direction

Buyers said targeted recommendations helped them to be more efficient with their time at-show

Buyers said recommendations resulted in them having more meetings than they anticipated

Buyers said recommendations helped them find and meet new exhibitors.


Matchmaking is a win-win-win for everyone

Exhibitor Recommendations point buyers to booths resulting in more business, more efficient time at-show for visitors, no extra cost to you or visitors, more satisfied customers for the show


How to Participate in Matchmaking?

l  Matchmaking services are provided for contracted exhibitors for free.

l  You’ll be included in a recommendation communication to buyers by fully & accurately completing the additional company profile fields

l  You can use Reed Connnect APP to scan badges of visitors to your booth to capture their data as sales leads.


If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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