April 23-25, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

NEPCON China Granted Status of UFI Approved International Event

NEPCON China has recently been granted the status of UFI Approved International Event, establishing it as an exhibition on the international authoritative level. A new logo comprised of the NEPCON and UFI Approved International Event logos will be launched. The exhibition is co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - Electronics and Information Industry Sub-council and Reed Exhibitions and has a legacy of more than 30 years in the electronics manufacturing industry.

What is UFI, and where does it Stand in the Convention and Exhibition Industry?

UFI is undoubtedly known to those working in the convention and exhibition industry. However, outsiders and newcomers may not know much about it – let's explore what UFI is.

UFI is the global trade association of the world’s tradeshow organisers and exhibition centre operators, as well as the major national and international exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry. UFI’s main goal is to represent, promote and support the business interests of its members and the exhibition industry. UFI directly represents more than 50,000 exhibition industry employees globally, and also works closely with its 60 national and regional association members. More than 800 member organisations in 83 countries around the world are presently signed up as members. Around 1,000 international trade fairs proudly bear the UFI approved label, a quality guarantee for visitors and exhibitors alike. UFI members continue to provide the international business community with a unique marketing media aimed at developing outstanding face-to-face business opportunities.

How does an Event Become UFI Approved?

The auditing process for UFI approval is very rigorous. For an exhibition to become an UFI approved event, it will first be measured by hard and soft metrics developed by UFI. Examples of hard metrics audited by UFI include the exhibition area, level of attendance, number of domestic and foreign exhibitors. These metrics must be measured and provided by neutral specialist agencies. UFI will then audit these metrics to ensure authenticity.

UFI also audits soft metrics such as exhibition service, on-site management, and marketing. UFI believes that a certified exhibition must be at the forefront of the industry and have a considerable impact on these metrics. Therefore, UFI will compare the exhibition applying for approval with other relevant international exhibitions during the audit. The exhibition's partners and sponsors constitute as proof of its influence.

What is the Significance of NEPCON China Obtaining UFI Approval?

The above criteria are only the tip of the iceberg. UFI is relatively cautious and strict regarding exhibition applications. The UFI Approved Event labels are a global stamp of authority for high quality exhibitions. UFI ensures that data results are genuine and reliable by making use of its high level of authority. UFI-approved exhibitions must be authentic and outstanding in all aspects.

Therefore, gaining the status of "UFI Approved Event" has not only endorsed NEPCON China but also consolidated its position as an exhibition on the international level. It also marks the start of NEPCON China garnering more support from overseas media and associations, gaining more opportunities to communicate with the global market, and providing exhibitors and visitors with a highly professional communication platform on the international level.

NEPCON China will be held again at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center between April 20-22, 2022

NEPCON China 2022 focuses on the innovative concept of "Intelligent Manufacturing Connected Chips" and will present the latest Advanced Packaging and PCBA technology trends. The exhibition will bring together 600 brands and companies to showcase the world's first PCBA products. Surface mount (SMT), smart factory and automation technology, dispensing and spraying, testing and measurement, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), and other relevant areas will also be exhibited.

Furthermore, the exhibition will continue to strategically lay out the automotive electronics sector – holding automotive manufacturing-themed technical seminars and procurement and distribution activities – while attracting more brand-name corporate buyers in the automotive industry.

The exhibition will leverage the UFI's reputation and invite up to 35,000 high-end electronics manufacturing buyers from the medical, automotive, and communications sectors. Large industrial control product industries will have the opportunity to experience the industry's first products. Finally, attendees will learn about cutting-edge technologies and solutions, while meeting upstream and downstream business partners.

Booth reservation and visitor pre-registration are currently underway. For the latest trends of the exhibition, visit the official website: www.nepconchina.com. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!