April 22-24, 2025
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acDermid Alpha announces release of MacuSpec HT 300: high speed / high throw DC acid copper metallization for up to 15:1 aspect ratio

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, announces the release of MacuSpec HT 300, a high throw DC acid copper metallization able to metallize through holes of 15:1 aspect ratio boards at production volumes. The HT 300 process offers excellent microdistribution at high current densities while avoiding the capital expense of pulse plating rectifiers. For fabricators looking to push the limits of their DC plating lines, it is an alternative to making the switch to more expensive pulse plating systems. The process is an excellent choice for through hole plating, conformal blind via plating, and pattern plating applications.

In addition to the high throw capabilities, MacuSpec HT 300 is analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools providing ease of control and trouble-free operation throughout the solution life. The MacuSpec HT 300 deposit exceeds copper metallization specifications required for multilayer PCBs including IPC TM-650 2.4.18 – tensile strength greater than 36,000 PSI and elongation greater than 12% ensuring great thermal reliability and structural integrity.

Rich Bellemare, Director for Electrolytic Metallization, noted, “Customers all over the world are already switching their old DC plating chemistry to MacuSpec HT 300 to achieve higher technology capability, lower operating costs, and longer service life from their equipment. Many of these customers are also taking advantage of combining HT 300 with our world leading direct metallization systems to further improve the productivity and value of their plating operations. “