April 22-24, 2025
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

NEPCON China 2022 Semiconductor Packaging Exhibition in Exhibition

IC Packaging Show in Show @NEPCON China 2022

About the Show

IC Packaging Show will be held at NEPCON China 2022. The show will be presented in the form of "Semiconductor Packaging Equipment Exhibition" + "Semiconductor Packaging Conference" + "OSAT Buyer Group".

Expected scale of the exhibition


exhibitors and brands


advanced packaging and testing equipment and solutions


hot topics in semiconductor industry


visitors from East China

Exhibition Highlights

【Highlight 1】2022 Semiconductor Packaging Conference - SiP and Advanced Packaging Sub-Forum & 3rd Generation Semiconductor Device Packaging Sub-Forum

There will be more than 20 sessions covering SiP and advanced packaging & third generation semiconductor packaging industry trends, process issues, technology routes, commercialization process, etc. The conference is expected to be held within 2 days.

More than 600 attendees are expected to come from packaging test houses, IC design, EMS houses to explore advanced packaging processes, semiconductor packaging equipment and material suppliers, etc. for networking and learning.

【Highlight 2】SiP system level packaging technology production line showcase area


【Highlight 3】OSAT Buyer Group

A group of 100 OSAT buyers will be invited to visit the exhibition site to discuss and exchange with the visitors and promote business matching.

Some of the participating buyers are:

Kinglong Technology (Suzhou) Co.

Jiangsu Aisil Semiconductor Technology Co.

Suzhou Gutech Electronics Co.

Jiangsu Huicheng Optoelectronics Co.

Changzhou Xinsheng Semiconductor Technology Co.

Jiangsu Zhongke Zhixin Integrated Technology Co.

Jiangsu Changdian Technology Co.

Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co.

Changzhou Yingbo Technology Co.

Jiangsu Goodwak Microelectronics Technology Co.

Jiangyin Changdian Advanced Packaging Co.

Anan Packaging & Testing (Shanghai) Co.

Changzhou Yinhe Century Microelectronics Co.

Changdian Technology (Chuzhou) Co.

StarTech Jinpeng Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Co.

Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co.

Wuxi Electric Base Integrated Technology Co.

Anhui Fuxin Microelectronics Co.

SMIC Changdian Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Co.

Suzhou Keyang Semiconductor Co.

Infineon Technologies (Wuxi) Co.

Hefei Tongfu Microelectronics Co.

Sunrise Semiconductor (Kunshan) Co.

Suzhou Tongfu Chaowei Semiconductor Co.

Anhui Gilette Electronics Co.

Hefei Simage Microelectronics Technology Co.

Huatian Technology (Nanjing) Co.

Suzhou Zhenkun Technology Co.

Semiconductor Manufacturing (Shaoxing) Co.

Hefei Xinhuicheng Microelectronics Co.

Jiangsu Xinde Semiconductor Technology Co.

Hitech Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co.

Changdian Technology (Suqian) Co.

Jie Min Electronics (Hefei) Co.

Zhejiang Yizhong Intelligent Electric Co.

ZiGuang HongMao Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co.

【Highlight 4】Industry and Trade Matching

现在即可报名NEPCON &“ICPF展中展”贸易对接活动,您将受邀进入现场展区并参与现场会议,您也将有机会向现场专家进行发问,针对问题一对一获得解答,更有机会会见更多产业链企业进行贸易对接。

Previous on-site forum review

Past Speakers

Xu Wei

Vice Chairman of China Semiconductor Industry Association Secretary General of Shanghai IC Industry Association

Teng Ran

General Manager of IC Industry Research Center, China IC Research Institute

Zhao Chenglong

MEMS process expert, Shanghai Weir Semiconductor Co.

Xie Hong

General Manager of SLI Technology Center, Tomflight Microelectronics Co.

Zhang Yifeng

Chief Executive Officer, Guangdong Liyang Chip Test Co.

Liu Hongjun

Vice President, Suzhou Jingfang Semiconductor Technology Co.

Chen Qinglong

Head of Division, Suzhou IST (Shanghai) Testing Technology Co.

Zhong Lei

Director of Engineering Research and Development, YongSi Electronics (Ningbo) Co.

Xie Jianyou

Chief Analyst (former Chief Scientist of SIP of Tongfu)

Jian Zhao

Vice President, Advanced Process Business Unit, Microminiaturized System Modules & Advanced Processes

Ma Qinggang

Sales Director, Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co.

Cheng Gang

Sales Director, Henkel (China) Investment Co.

Yibo Liu

Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Amcor Packaging & Testing (Shanghai) Co.

Song Yongqi

Deputy Director of Technology R&D Center, Nitto Smart Equipment Technology (Shenzhen) Co.

Yixhong Peng

Senior R&D Director, Ruijie Micro Technology (Group) Co.

Santosh Kumar

Chief Technical Analyst Yole Korea Principal Analyst Yole Korea

Farhang Yazdani

President and CEO of BroadPak Corporatian The President and CEO of BroadPak Corporatian

Qidong Wang

The President and CEO of BroadPak Corporatian

Summary of previous sessions

The 2nd China IC & Micro Assembly Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Summit

China International Electronics Manufacturing Summit Sub-Forum II: Advanced Packaging Technology Forum

Contact Us

For conference sponsorship, please contact

Name: Mr. Xu Yibing

Telephone Number: +86 21 2231 7051

Email Address:[email protected]

For conference sponsorship, please contact

Name: Mr. Xu Yibing

Telephone Number: +86 21 2231 7051

Email Address:[email protected]

For visitors, please contact

Name: Ms. Sun Mei

Telephone Number: 400 650 5611

Email Address:[email protected]

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